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The Hello Pal Social Messaging App is Bringing the World Closer Together Through Social Interaction, Language Learning and Travel

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Why Is Hello Pal The World’s Social Messaging App?

1. An established platform with early organic traction

  • Only recently launched on Android and IOS and already receiving strong traffic and user engagement without any marketing

  • Making friends is fun! Our users engage with each other and indulge a sense of cross-cultural adventure compulsively.

  • The Company has Asian and Western roots and their international team and members in China, Hong Kong, Europe, Canada, and partners in UK, Australia and Taiwan. They’ve built a social messaging app designed to reach across borders and across language barriers

2. Potential upside from multiple trends

  • Social messaging apps have begun to overtake social media platforms in user engagement and monthly active user numbers

  • Consumer activities are rapidly expanding beyond websites and desktop software to mobile apps

  • The education sector is experiencing disruption by online and mobile utilization of services

3. The right place at the right time

  • Hello Pal’s early popularity as a social messaging app is due to a focus on three growing trends – social interaction, language learning and travel. The app is built on top of a solid user friendly messaging platform

  • The platform caters to both serious and unmotivated language learners, because it isn’t a language learning app so much as it’s a social messaging app.

  • The chat function is a core feature of the application with soon to be introduced games and other functionality to enhance the user experience

4. The right team with the right incentives

  • After launching successful early education online platform BrillKids and financing numerous other technology companies, the Hello Pal team and financial backers have identified social messaging apps as their next growth target.

  • The group has a deep network of relationships with some of the largest technology companies and significant entertainment industry investments

  • The team are major shareholders in Hello Pal and are focused on maintaining a sound share structure and financing the company in ways that benefit existing and future shareholders.

5. Building a truly international social messaging app

  • The Hello Pal team has spent years working together creating the perfect combination of expertise in both language education and technology, overcoming the most significant barriers to entry

  • This company is familiar with Asian and Western markets. The ability to launch in both at the same time is the key to a diversified user base

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Investment Highlights

  • Hello Pal and newly released Travel Pal were recently launched and already achieving high numbers of registered users with little marketing and thousands of new users registering daily

  • Unique strategy of launching companion apps that feed off the same combined active user base

  • Expansion of technical and marketing team

  • Major institutional shareholder with substantial financial backing and deep business and entertainment networks

  • Messaging has emerged as the new frontier of social on mobile and apps built on messaging platforms have high user retention and engagement

  • Rapidly growing language learning market particularly in mobile E-learning

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